FIST: The Beginning

Between the year 2139 and 2145 the 3rd world war takes place, everything starts because of the scarcity of the most precious resource, water. At the end of the war there are neither winners nor losers, after this, the planet earth is very weak, with few resources, the population decimated and almost everything destroyed, The SAFE Army (the Orcs) sees the opportunity to conquer us.

In the year 2149 an interdimensional portal opens on earth and the SAFE army (Safe Army of Freedom Edge) began the conquest of our dimension. After 2 years of war against the strongest nations of the earth, our dimension was under the control of the interdimensional empire of SAFE, but some few joined and founded the resistance FIST (First Interdimensional Special team).

April 9, 2149, the first portal opens AND the SAFE army arrives to conquer our dimension.

April 11, 2149, all remaining nations on earth unite against a common enemy. The Orcs. 

June 3, 2149 Humanity fights hard against the conquerors for several months. 

October 15, 2149, Earth is declared conquered, humanity is enslaved in the service of SAFE. 

July 4, 2150, Some marginalized humans unite to form resistance. 

July 20, 2150, Organized and armed, FIST is born, to fight against SAFE.



Name: Michael Caruso

Nickname: Mad Dog

Date of birth: January 22, 2104

Age: 46

Orcs Killed: 32

Qualities: Leadership, loyalty, courage

Flaws: Pride, overbearing, domineering, intolerant

Rank: Sergeant

Catchphrase: "Kill em all"

Background: At the end of his service in the so-called "The Final War" or World War III (2139 - 2145), where he lost his right eye, he joined the motorcycle club "The Grim Dogs", of which the President was his childhood best friend, Marco Floyd "Iron Slayer" Together they led the post-war illegal water market.

Present: Days after S.A.F.E.'s arrival in our dimension, the death of his eldest son filled him with hatred and thirst for revenge against the Orcs. Then, upon learning of the resistance, he left his daughter alive and his wife in a safe haven and together with "The Grim Dogs" joined FIST.


Name: Ucif Skullcrusher 

Nickname: Doom Sinner 

Age: 73 Red Moons

Eliminated Beings: 143 

Qualities: Authority, Discipline, Loyalty 

Flaws: Pride, Coldness, Arrogance 

Rank: General 

Catchphrase: "Smile, I'm sending you to your God". 

Background: Upon the death of his father, the legendary warrior Karg Skullcrusher. He received the rank of General of SAFE. And in order to prove that he deserves his position before the Monarch, he decides to invade the Delta dimension, weakened by an internal war on its leading planet (Earth). 

Arriving in the Delta dimension (Earth). He discovered that he enjoyed the suffering of humans. Now he accompanies the "Search and Kill" groups in the sewers of the Earth hunting hidden humans.


Name: Unknown

Nickname: FIST Trooper 

Age: 18 to 25 on average

Orcs Killed: 12 on average

Qualities: Wit, Respect, Loyalty 

Flaws: Selfishness, Foolishness, Pride 

Rank: Private 

Background: For the most part, Fist Troopers are Young orphans of "The Final War" or World War III (2139 - 2145). Inexperienced but with a thirst to free humanity from Orc domination, they are fearless and eager for action.



Name: Unknown 

Nickname: Doom Trooper 

Age: From 35 to 50 Red Moons 

Eliminated Beings: 25 on average 

Qualities: Endurance, obedience, loyal 

Flaws: Foolishness, Antipathy, Fanaticism 

Rank: Private 

Background: Loyal servants to the Monarch, they wish to die in battle in order to gain access to the great red moon. From birth they are trained for war, and believe that every time they eliminate an enemy, they will be treasured after death. They see the Delta dimension (Earth) as a great trophy to give to the Monarch and an opportunity to accumulate treasures for when they reach the great red moon.